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This season past brought a considerable number of submissions and among these more than a few of real promise. May every one of these writers take seriously our encouragement that they write and re-write and submit again.

But this time around there was little difficulty making a choice. The patient process of writing and re-writing produced an outstanding submission.  Southern born and bred Garnette Lockhart has arrested everyone's attention as she breathes startling life into Lala Concepcion, the extravagant protagonist of Pitch Weed. Lockhart's submission is the first chapter of the first novel of her trilogy of novels that stretches from the closing of the American Civil War to the end of the nineteenth century. Three of these novels are now written and the fourth is underway.

As part of the prize offered to every winner of the  Novel of Promise award, Ms. Lockhart will receive all the support we can muster. May that support translate into successful authorship!.

Evocative, transgressional, and raunchy, carefully wrought and slyly intelligent, the world Lockhart creates in a few pages commands attention.

Judge for yourself. Click here to read excerpts from Pitch Weed.

And take a minute to read Lockhart's thoughtful perspective on the writing process in this interview.

And then don't miss the deadline for submitting a chapter from your novel-in-progress. Go to the competition page right now!

Good luck and good writing!

Robert Buckland

Robert Buckland, Publisher,

Ocean Cooperative Publishing

Garnette Lockhart speaks about PITCH WEED: THE MEMOIR OF A WORKING WOMAN


PITCH WEED published

PITCH WEED: THE MEMOIR OF A WORKING WOMAN is to be published by EnCompass Editions in the autumn of 2010.




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